So you want to learn a little bit more
before you commit, huh?

That's really smart of you!
Read on to learn more you curious human, you.

Here at TaskTwins, we're about three main things: connection, information and motivation. Call it our (not so) secret formula, if you will. We believe these 3 are crucial to your success. And we diligently and passionately work for you to experience them.

But hey, before we get to
all that good stuff...
We need to find you a Task Twin.

And this is how it all starts.

You will be asked to fill out a simple form with some basic information about yourself. This is where you can showcase your shining personality, too. After all. TaskTwins is all about connections. Once you are matched you'll receive important information, tips and reminders of how you can best work together. And then, it's up to you. And your TaskTwin. And your will to create magic together.

Fill out a simple form

Describe yourself, your goals and other details

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Our hardworking robots will find you a TaskTwin PRONTO

Start working together

Get to know each other and start crankin'

Obliterate your goals

Work together towards world domination

Ok, now that you have your very own Task Twin, the work (and fun) begins.

You'll decide on the best way to communicate with each other.

You'll also discuss your challenges, set your goals and see how best you can help each other. From us, you'll get help connecting with each other, learning a ton of useful information pertaining to your fitness journey and help staying motivated (and true) to your goals.


Isn't it ironic that in this hyper-connected world that we live in, we can sometimes feel all alone? This is why first and foremost, TaskTwins is about connecting people. We get thousands of applications. People from all over the world with different lifestyles, different backgrounds, different views of the world. But we help them find common ground. We give them the tools they need to connect and thrive and develop working relationships. And they use their common goals to unite and to get sh!t done. And it's pretty amazing, if you ask us.


You've probably read hundreds of fitness articles. Read dozens of diet books. Listened to a bunch of productivity podcasts. And STILL are struggling with your fitness goals. Well, that's because most of the information out there is misleading, boring or downright wrong. We've scoured the internet, talked to the most respected experts and secured the most valuable partnerships to get you the best, most updated and critical information you need.


You know those days rainy days when you don't have the strength to hit the gym? Or those super stressed out days at work where you get home and gobble down that pepperoni pizza with an extra large coke? ? Yeah, we get those too. But the key here is to keep your head up and your resolution strong. Along with the support you receive from your TaskTwin we will send you motivational articles, videos and the occasional treat. (hint: it's not chocolate).

Ok, so how much does it cost?

Well, you can't really put a price on crushing your goals, can you?

Ok, you got us. Yes you can. But we promise it's much cheaper than you thought. Check out our available plans below.

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